Raising Fame: Sports Edition

Hosted by beloved NBA parents Sonya and Dell Curry, Raising Fame: Sports Edition is a groundbreaking new podcast that reveals the amazing childhood backstories of your favorite sports icons. 


About Raising Fame: Sports Edition

Dell and Sonya Curry interview the people who raised your beloved sports legends into the idols they are today. We take you back to when Tom Brady the GOAT was just “Tommy” and not getting a single snap at QB; when Shaquille O’Neal was the unexpected newborn of a strong but scared teen mother; when Steph Curry was failing the “eye test”; when Megan Rapinoe was wearing angel wings on Halloween; and when Michael Phelps was getting kicked out of the pool for misbehaving. Hear the unforgettable stories of these iconic athletes’ childhoods. How they were raised. The highs and lows of their paths to glory. Incredible tales shared by the people who helped shape them into the superstars you know and love.

Our Episodes